Vinyl-lined Pools

Swim King installs award-winning swimming pools, specializing in vinyl-lined pools with concrete walls and vermiculite floors. Throughout each phase of construction, our team pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a finished product that is both beautiful and durable. Scroll through the phases of construction to learn more about the process of building a vinyl-lined pool. 

Phase 1

Set the layout and excavate the shape of the pool.

Phase 2

Set aluminum forms in place and pour concrete.

Phase 3

Strip the aluminum forms, leaving concrete walls in place.

Install plumbing and backfill pool walls.

Phase 4

Install padding on concrete steps and walls. Set the vermiculite floor.

Phase 5

Install vinyl liner.

Phase 6

Add water and get the pool running!

(Masonry and landscaping to follow)

Fiberglass Pools

In addition to vinyl-lined pools, Swim King also installs San Juan® fiberglass pools and spas. To learn more about the process of installing a Fiberglass pool, please contact one of our salesmen.

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